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Kyu Yo - Taurus

  • Brand: Bigshocked
  • Product Code: YTA244
  • $32.95

This huge butt plug really is a sight to behold and has been expertly designed for maximum back door gratification. Indeed, every ridge along its girthy, cone-like shaft feels absolutely incredible as it pops past your ring piece. Boasting a big, bulbous tip, it facilitates smooth and comfortable insertion, whilst also offering an unparalleled stretch that gets more and more intense the deeper it delves. The tantalisingly tapered shape enables you to ease yourself on at your own pace. The Butt Plug is even perfect for anal stretching; gradually work your way deeper and measure your progress using the lines along its bulky body!

Key Features: 

Expertly constructed butt plug designed for maximum gratification

Features multiple stimulating ridges along its girthy cone-like shaft

Perfect for anal training, anal stretching or the already accomplished size queens

Tapered shape offers an unparalleled stretch while the bulbous tip facilitates comfortable insertion

Approximate Measurements (inches):

Total Length: 6.50"

Insertable Length: 5.31"

Diameter of Head: 1.18"

Diameter of mid Shaft: 2.56"

Diameter of lower shaft: 2.36"

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Kyu Yo - Taurus
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