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Hikyu - Flame

  • Brand: Bigshocked
  • Product Code: YF237
  • $39.00

Hikyu, a hybrid Chinese mythical creature resembling a winged lion, the Hikyu is one of the most beloved symbols of wealth in Chinese Feng Shui practices. 

Lion's many ridges make for an incredible feeling the second he’s inserted inside you. As you make your way, popping slowly and deliberately past each crest, you’ll finally arrive at its bulge. This special feature is designed for even more sensation to push you over the edge and send you flying. His slight curve and pointed tip sure help, too. Designed to stimulate vaginally and anally, Lion also hits your g-spot and p-spot incredibly well for an all-around good time.

Get your sexy jungle groove on and use Lion as your secret tiger dildo weapon.

Key Features: 

Featuring a long-lasting, super-strong suction cup for your wildest kinks

Body-safe, skin-safe, hypoallergenic, and fully waterproof

Fully waterproof and totally hypoallergenic thanks to the high-end silicone material

Enjoy the wide, suction cup base of this dildo. Simply press firmly on any flat surface and enjoy riding it hands-free!

Approximate Measurements (inches):

Total Length: 7.48"

Insertable Length: 6.1"

Diameter of Head: 1.3"

Diameter of mid Shaft: 2.2"

Diameter of lower shaft: 2.08

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Hikyu - Flame
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