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Dwarfs - Aurora

  • Brand: Bigshocked
  • Product Code: YA258
  • $52.00

This radioactive reptile dildo is thick and scaled. From the murky waters this reptilian lover slithers towards you to fill you with its slimy, wet cock. Eager to breed, the wearers claws grab you and hold you as it fills you with its thick, scaled phallus. Whether you are the one riding this fantasy cock to completion, or if you are wearing it and delivering this dark and delicious fantasy to your lover, this strong and heavy dildo is perfect for switching up your fantasy role-playing and bringing something extra into the bedroom!

Key Features: 

Hand poured using platinum silicone – body safe, phthalates free, compatible with water-based lubricant

Firmness: Medium Super Soft Shore A 10-50

Fully waterproof and totally hypoallergenic thanks to the high-end silicone material

Enjoy the wide, suction cup base of this dildo. Simply press firmly on any flat surface and enjoy riding it hands-free

Approximate Measurements (inches):

Total Length: 8.26"

Insertable Length: 6.7"

Diameter of Head: 1.77"

Diameter of mid Shaft: 2.56"

Diameter of lower shaft: 2.6"

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Dwarfs - Aurora
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