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Cyclopes - Aurora

  • Brand: Bigshocked
  • Product Code: YA260
  • $79.00

The sheer size means that every inch is felt, as the scaly textures of his majestic member work their way deep into your orifice. The large scales–on both the top and underside–give a real sense of accomplishment.

Every scale can be felt as it pops in, sending shivers down your spine; and again, on the way out.

But it’s hard going, even if this isn’t your first large toy, and it’s only after a few practice sessions of slow insertion that you’ll try to thrust a little.

Key Features: 

Meet Cyclopes, a greedy conqueror of all holes! 

An angled, smooth, thick head can slither into all the right places and fill them up.

The exquisitely engraved scale texture and curved body can also escalate the excitement. 

This fantasy dildo is beautifully colored as if clad in aurora borealis, looks so shiny. 

Perfect shaft coordinate with an always stable base, just to support your best sex.

Carefully hand-poured using platinum silicone – body safe, phthalates free, compatible with water-based lubricant

Firmness: Medium Super Soft Shore A 10-50

Approximate Measurements (inches):

Total Length: 8.07", Insertable Length: 6.69", Diameter of Head: 2.36", Diameter of mid Shaft: 2.83", Diameter of lower shaft: 2.87"

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Cyclopes - Aurora
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