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Chiron| 9.64 Inch Realistic Platinum Silicone Horse Dildos

  • Product Code: Y281-HM
  • $67.58

A centaur is a mythical creature with a man's torso and a horse's lower body, complete with hooves and a tail. Originating from Greek mythology and much of Roman mythology, Centaurs symbolize masculinity and are supposed to be brave, loyal warriors. Have you ever fantasized about having a date with Centaurs? Let your imagination side run wild with our fantasy dildos! 7.67 inches of insertable length can reach right into the depths of your cave. It may be able to bring unmatched sexual joy to your fetish play life.

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Key Features: 

Hand-poured using the finest quality platinum silicone – body safe, phthalates-free, compatible with water-based lubricant

Firmness: Medium Super Soft Shore A 20-50

It is rigid enough while maintaining optimum flexibility to provide customized gratification. Its perfect flexibility goes with the natural flow of the body.

This massive horse dildo is made using medium firmness, body-safe liquid medical silicone that is odorless, fully waterproof, and hypoallergenic.

Approximate Measurements (inches):

Total Length: 9.64", Insertable Length: 7.67", Diameter of Head: 1.57", Diameter of mid Shaft: 1.77", Diameter of lower shaft: 2.08"

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Chiron| 9.64 Inch Realistic Platinum Silicone Horse Dildos
  • $67.58