About Us

There is a fantast in everyone Creating a heterotopia of eroticism.

Bigshocked was inspired by our founder JOOL's concept of "creating a heterotopia of eroticism". We believe that there is a fantast in everyone who imagines everything about sensation and pleasure.Our mission is to create a portal into fantasy world,for more people to enjoy the madness and beauty of bizarre sexual desire.

The Bigshocked team was formed in 2014 and the founder JOOL has been in the adult product industry for more than 7 years, starting with selling ordinary sex toys to now focusing on the fantasy dildos, diving deeper in the field of adult toys. Our team has stable and strong suppliers along with experienced product designers, which grants the team power to pursue further development.

Bigshocked stands out in terms of design varieties, product quality and competitive pricing. The East & West Beasts Collection is our characteristic product series. Each one has a corresponding mythological prototype behind, with fine workmanship and excellent materials, which is no less than a work of art. In addition, based on a strong supply chain system, we guarantee the high quality of our products at a adorable price on the market, while promising production and shipping punctuality , in order to make fantasy no longer blocked by high barriers, but become more accessible.