Bigshocked 8.8 Inch Thrusting Vibrating Fantasy Knot Dildo

What is Bigshocked?

BIG SHOCKED is not a random combination, but an intricate design. Not for we can design and produce bigger sex toys, or expect shocked expressions from customers when receiving our toy. Producing fantasy toys and bringing an amazing experience through cultural creativity and sex education is the mission of BIG SHOCKED.

We employ a diverse crew of awesome folks, including industrial designers, graphic and web designers, and sex educators, who inspired design prototypes from Eastern and Western cultures, creating more than 5000 products.

Why People Love Bigshocked Sex Toys?

From the moment of our inception, we have all been dedicated to bringing a premier shopping experience to our customers. We strive to curate the most unique selection of products and offer them at the best possible price. We provide our customers with a safe and secure shopping environment; your privacy is a must. We believe that you will find our level of customer service is one you never experienced.

Customer questions & answers about Bigshocked Dildo

What Fantasy Themed Dildos Have We Designed?

Inspired by the themes of ancient myths and stories such as Nordic, Roman, Greek, and oriental culture (The Classic of Mountains and Rivers), we design our fantasy dildos according to the characteristics of animals.

Their strength, rebellion, greed, wisdom, and beauty are full of various allegorical significance.

How to Use a Bigshocked Dildo Correctly?

Featured with 10 types, the dildos are named standard, curve tip, textured, lifelike, strapless, double-ended, anal, vibrating, squirting, and fantasy; we are aimed at fantasy dildos, choosing the right size, and use only with water-based lubricants.

Is Your Fantasy Sex Toy Safe?

Only use high-quality and safe materials for the body and phthalates-free to make products. BIG SHOCKED distinguishes itself from other online retailers of adult products by being excellent waterproof, hypoallergenic, cleaning, and maintenance. Safety care of every toy.